The SC United Soccer Club is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization which has created a strong sense of community with its athletes and their families, while maintaining a competitive and professionally structured program. Since 1987, the club has provided thousands of athletes with local training facilities and a solid training regimen based on very specific methods used at the higher levels of play in Europe.

We are very proud of our achievements, particularly this last year as the club has experienced substantial growth. As one would expect, this growth has been coupled with rising equipment and operating expenses. While we look to offset our rising expenses and maintain our strong identity as a competitive and community-based program, we are offering local businesses the opportunity to sponsor the SC United Soccer Club at a level that is appropriate for their own business endeavors. By sponsoring the club, you'll have a captive audience exposed to your business's marketing message throughout the year. This can be accomplished by a multitude of ways, but below are a few sponsorships opportunities that have been successful to date:

By sponsoring the club's athlete outwear (warm-up gear), your business will receive excusive exposure to the many parents and other community leaders who attend an array of athletic games and other events. This is accomplished by placing your business name (or URL/logo) on the back of each and every jacket worn by our SC United athletes, as well as on the club's literature and website.

By sponsoring the club's use of the City's facilities, you'll be ensuring that our athletes have access to the best soccer fields in San Clemente throughout the year. As we grow in size and look to serve hundreds of San Clemente athletes, we hope to have the ability to secure additional field space for training sessions and games. To honor your support, your business would be listed at the club's key sponsor on all club literature, advertisements in the local paper, banners for our home league games and on our club website.

By sponsoring another athlete, you'll be providing the SC United experience to a young boy and/or girl that would otherwise not have the opportunity to embrace. Your support and goodwill can be done anonymously or we could celebrate your gift by placing your business name and URL on the club's website.

In addition, there are promotional opportunities that are available for consideration, such as retail/apparel sales (where a percentage of the profit is contributed to the club), and/or restaurant "SC United" nights, etc. We have found these events to be helpful in covering some of the club's smaller scale expenses, such as additional field equipment (i.e. cones, pennies, soccer balls, etc).

Thank you in advance for your consideration. We do hope that you will consider one of our various sponsorship opportunities. We will be happy to provide you with further details and a full break down of the likely costs of any level of sponsorship of interest to you.

Best Regards,

San Clemente United Soccer Club

Please contact Director of Coaching Chris Murray on 949-547-0439 or for more information