The club will be playing CSL next season and will be fielding 16 teams in 2013. For more information re how to try-out or arrange a practice session with one of our teams contact Director of Coaching Chris Murray on 949-547-0439 or

BOYS TEAMS                                          GIRLS TEAMS

Boys 8's (New Team)                                       

Boys 9's Black (New Team)                              Girls 9's (New team)

Boys 9's Black (New Team)                              Girls 10's Bronze

Boys 10's (New Team)                                      Girls 11's Bronze 

Boys 11's Bronze                                              Girls 13's Silver

Boys 12's Silver                                                 Girls 14's Silver Elite

Boys 15's Bronze                                               Girls 15's Silver Elite 

Boys 16's Silver                                                 Girls 16's Silver Elite

                                                                           Girls 17's Gold 

* The brackets listed are projections based on 2012/13 standings in their respective CSL leagues.