San Clemente United view our coaching staff as our primary resource. All our coaches follow the professional soccer development model designed by the top clubs in Europe and tailor it to the age and ability of our athletes to create a kid-centric positive and professional environment for the players on our program. Our coaches recognize they are important role models for young athletes and can't overlook the impact they have on players lives. For this reason, all our coaches understand their role as educators to provide quality soccer players and human beings.

Between our coaching staff, we draw on international, professional and collegiate playing experiences to provide our young players with the knowledge of what is required to play at a higher level. Our year round coaching staff is extremely well balanced, each providing their own strengths and working in the best interest of the player, team and club under the guidance of director of coaching Chris Murray.

This professionalism is expanded in the attention to detail provided by skills coaches and g/k coaches during our training sessions. We are also fortunate enough to have coaches come over from Europe for the summer and fall, providing us with the latest techniques of development, which we incorporate in our training model.

Over the last few years, we have had coaches from Chelsea, Fulham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Celtic work with our players providing them with a unique professional experience and one which stays for them throughout their playing careers.

To learn more re the opportunity to work with our coaches or teams, contact Director of Coaching Chris Murray on 949-547-0439 or