Thursday, May 10th, will mark the official kick-off day!

In early 2011, we introduced a new element to the club, one which has already created new friendships and an abundance of joy amongst our players at SC United.  The Soccer Sisters program was developed with the idea in mind that we, as coaches, would encourage the older players in our program to serve as mentors to the younger girls beginning to explore their role with their respective team.  Furthermore, we had hoped that the younger girls’ admiration for their older mentors would serve as an incentive to maintain a positive, confident character both on and off the soccer field.  The concept is simple in nature, but the sense of club spirit has become infectious with players from each of our teams always wanting to find ways to support/inspire one another.  

As we look ahead to 2012, SC United is committed to nurturing the Soccer Sisters program and its potential to create a joyful and community-oriented environment for our players.  Getting back to the basics of club soccer, we understand that it is the sense of camaraderie and sisterhood that builds confident female athletes.  In today’s athletic climate where the tendency is to create programs which tout a “win at all costs” philosophy, SC United is determined to maintain a competitive yet balanced approach.  With elements such as Soccer Sisters and our Community Service Program, it is the longevity of our players love for the sport and the life-long lessons they take from their soccer experience that we find most rewarding.

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